Our company has three industrial premises, strategically located, neighbour to the North terminal seaport of Callao and with access to the major transportation routes to the city of Lima and inland of the country by road and by rail (a railroad branch of Ferrocarril Central Andino has access to our facilities)

Our lube plant is fully equiped for the blending and packing of lubricant oils and greases for various automotive and industrial applications.

Base oils, the main raw material for the manufacturing of lubricant oils and greases, as well as other bulk liquid products, are unloaded directly from tanker vessels through pipes ranging from the berths at the port to shore tanks in our facilities.
Our modern analysis and quality control laboratory is the first in the field of lubricants to obtain ISO 17025 accreditation in Peru, for some of its test methods

We have a large distribution center in Callao and warehouses for the storage and distribution of goods in the cities of Arequipa, Trujillo and Cusco.